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15 oct 2011 – storm waterford qld

edit: Make sure you visit the link at the bottom for more images.

This is the prediction from yesterday which made us excited. -10’s you don’t see that often! Very severe super cells? So a an excited sleep was on the cards!

1:30pm i message my mate Rikki, “GAME ON” the cells started to explode down near texas. When the BOM image popped up with the dangerous storm icon i knew this was the one to go for!

After watching for a little while on the radar i figured our best chance was to head south. Boy was that decision right! We originally though Logan and beenleigh. As we head down to beenligh we pull off the highway and start trekking through the back streets to see if we can see a cell. After losing connection again to the radar (thanks vodafail).We started driving south towards tambourine. We took a back road and i knew something was wrong we were heading NORTH EAST Luckily i got Google maps back up and made us turn down a different highway. This highway, i dub the the most awesome of highways. It led us straight into the storm. Traveling down the highway we saw some dark cloud and rain , it wasn’t impressive.We decided to keep pushing south even though we lost radar once again. So we are cruising on gut instinct.

We see an interesting cloud formation and what was it, we knew we had to go get it even though we couldn’t see what it was properly. As we approached it became clear we were on to something. We saw the cloud getting lower. I yelled at rikki to slow down and see if we can get a side road somewhere it’s coming right at us now. What we saw was a photographers dream, a side road. A dam and a perfect view out of the storm.

where we ended up

We lucked out on the radar and the location We got there an pulled our gear out of the car and started taking photos. The clouds just starting rolling towards us.


The cloud dragged across the mountain tops. Suddenly it goes still and silent for a second. The wall cloud passes over head and then a very cold wind slams into us. I start snapping like a mad man getting what i could.

It looked like a devil was opening his mouth and trying to swallow up the trees

We hauled ass out of there as we knew hail was in this cell, we wanted to beat the wall cloud to get some more shots from the front so we stomped on the gas and drove.

We lost our navigation again, we took some side road and go stuck in a reservation. In some side roads. We were in the storm for 30 minutes or so in the very front of the storm. CG’s hitting right near our car every few seconds. Our luck ran out and we hit a dead end. We turned back around and started to drive back but the rain was intense and it started to hail.

We returned home after that, the word on the way home is our homes had the cell too and it hailed for a few minutes.

Awesome day Heres a link to MORE and BIGGER pics.