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Dec 18th 2012 Storms – Gatton

Chase Path

Chase Path

Just a small Report.

18th seemed like a day with limited support for severe weather. Shaun took the day off work, even though the conditions were not in our favour we headed out. The forecast had a low forming over dalby. So we thought our best bet was near toowoomba. After meeting up with 2 other guys we head off at about 1pm. We get on the highway and making some good time.

When we get near marburg there is a massive traffic backup due to the road being destoryed. It took us 30 or so minutes to get pass it by diverting down a side road.

As we head to toowoomba i see a couple anvils heading up around gatton. I decide we need to head back east as the structure had broke the cap and started to form weak storms. The problem is we were caught on the highway with no way to turn around. Approximately 10-15km later we get to turn around. We stop in gatton. Get something to eat quickly and check the radar.  My call was for harrisville. We head to harrisville, but as we get to marburg area again. Another check of the radar brings up a decent cell heading towards whivenhoe. We stop for a little bit and keep an eye on the radar. We decide that is the best chance of seeing a storm so we headed up that way.

We now lose all our data connectivity so we are flying blind for a while until we get right next to the dam. We check the radar and we are looking in a good position. So we setup and wait with the cameras. We lose connectivity again. We we get some connection back we notice the storm decided to move south instead of it’s original path. So we step on it but we could not catch up to the fast moving storm. So we ended up calling it off soon after.

The storms had far from good structure this day. I would of not really chased if shaun didn’t take the day off. But it was still fun. Took a couple of OK pictures too. So lets hope the next chace is a winner :).