Monthly Archive: February 2015

2015 – Cyclone Marcia

Well as some of you know I wanted to resurrect my site. I wanted to set up my weather station again a start providing data once again. When i was in the middle of setting up the instrumentation, i ended up dropping my cluster shattering the instruments. I will resurrect the site when the new version of my weather station will be running on a Raspberry pi. This way i will not have a virtual machine running which was unstable to keep it running.

I wanted to add a few things about the recent cyclone so I will add as I go along.
Here is a video i made of the scans from the recent BOM scans from Mackay to the end in Brisbane.

We had around 205mm in this event in the Redlands.
Max Gust 72.0km/h

Scan of the eye. On Feb. 19, NASA-JAXA’s TRMM satellite saw thunderstorm tops over 15.2 km (9.4 miles) and heavy rainfall in Marcia’s eye wall. Credit: NASA/JAXA, Hal Pierce

Bring us back

We are bringing our chasing page back. It’s been a couple of years. We have been busy. We have been to the USA twice since then. I plan to update this when ever we chase again and also link to other chasers logs.
Here is some pictures from the SEQ area the last year or so.

USA Highlights