Monthly Archive: November 2015

2015-11-22 Cecils plains Storm

2015-Nov-22. One of the best structured super cell storms I have seen in Australia in a long long time. Thanks to Shaun Nolan for bugging me to come out. Initially I did not think the setup would happen. But once it kicked off we were on it very quickly. Precision driving and timing me on radar and movement and Shaun on the driving. We almost got blown away with the storm as we got right in gust front having to punch it out of there very quickly skirting the front of the storm. Then we stopped to take some lightning photos for a while then we got chased down by a very HP cell with low wall cloud. I saw my first transformer explosion today. It was so bright! Good day out. We initially positioned for a lone cell in inglewood which ended up being eaten by the HP super cell which followed it.

Here is a quick chase Track i forgot to turn on tracking..

Radar Loop –

See : 512km Radar Loop for Brisbane, 06:00 22/11/2015 to 12:00 22/11/2015 UTC




Summer 2015

There has been a few storms we have chased over the last 4 weeks. Storm season has picked up over last year and they have been more violent than the last few years as well! I haven’t been keeping a chase log as such but i have still been taking images. I hope to start rewriting chase logs soon but for now here is couple images you have missed.


_MG_8512-1024x682 Untitled_Panorama1-800x368 _MG_8733_HDR-2-1280x849 _MG_8789_HDR-1280x852 2015-EightMile Plains-Storm Untitled_Panorama12-1280x495 yuiyi-2-1280x544 IMG_0941 copy