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NOV 13th 2016 – Brisbane Supercell


Winds of up to 157km at the airport and 100 shipping containers blown over during Sunday’s storm about 5pm.I was not even going to chase this day due to other things I was doing on the weekend and this was fine as a couple friends were out there taking pictures. I asked him what it was like out there and they all said nothing with structure. About 5pm i noticed a cell on radar and asked my mate if he was still chasing as the cell looked like it had good potential on radar. He went home, so i asked shaun in brisbane to look out and he said it looked OK. Some low clouds. That’s all i needed to hear and i picked up my cam and left. After i left the storm ramped up to APESHIT levels Desimating the airport in the progress. I hooked up with the storm on the other said of the bay and got this awesome pic!

Here is some tech breakdown of the after noon

About 3:40pm i put out a facebook warning to my friends they should be on the lookout for dangerous cells The pic below was the cell before the super cell. I said from brisbane airport to north of the sunny coast. Friends at the airport were thankful i said they should cover their cars.

VIDEO of the radar loop

Weather chaser loop :


This is the radar Just after it past the airport heading out to sea.


I knew it was serious when i saw some radar refraction on the screen. I knew there was hail and winds for sure in it.  I sent out a video warning on facebook.

untitled_panorama1-2-1600x894 _mg_1702-4-1600x1066 capture1

^^  I was in the big orange box on the radar as it was heading out to sea.

And below is pics of the damage at the airport sent from mates.