EXTC oswald report

I didn’t get a great chase in this weekend. Due to other commitments and our chase vehicle dying in the middle of the chase. I have some pictures nothing much but i am going to include the weather station data for something to do. My friend has provided a couple a few pics from near the city. So thanks to her :).

Click the chart to make it HUGE!


BrisbaneStormBoy on youtube put the video up for this in my area.

and the rain fall data is insane

Here are the five highest 7 day accumulations in the Southeast QLD district. Most of this rain actually fell within a 3 or 4 day period tho’ which is just unbelievable!

1) Upper Springbrook – 1478mm
2) Springbrook – 1085mm
3) Mt Castle Alert – 982mm
4) Little Nerang Dam – 817mm
5) Mt Glorious – 815mm



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